Experts Revealed Reasons Why Oral Health Should Be Taken Seriously

Experts Revealed Reasons Why Oral Health Should Be Taken Seriously

People say that face is the reflection of your inner self, likewise in the healthcare industry, oral health is considered as the health window. Oral health says a lot about your overall health. This gateway, most of the time, is not taken seriously by people. If it continues that way, bad oral health can create health havoc. Healthcare experts have unleashed the fact that in general, only 10-15% of our total invested time in healthcare is dedicated to oral care. It’s just unacceptable that people are prone to ignore oral care more than the rest of the body.

80% of the total population of India have some form of oral health issue. Misconception sometimes makes people simply ignorant, whereas lack of awareness makes the matter far worse. It brings disastrous consequences upon your internal health.

The Link Between Overall Health and Oral Health

The mouth is the entranceway of the whole body. The connection of oral health with the physical body is interlinked for essential wellbeing of overall health. The integral relationship between mouth and body doesn’t end here. Oral conditions have a deep impact on health. Unlike other internal organs of physical health, the mouth has direct contact with the outside world, especially digestive and respiratory tracts.

Our mouth is the colony of oral bacteria- most of them do no harm, but some bacteria are dangerous and can cause extreme harm to the body. In this case, good oral care is all we require to keep bacteria under control. It helps our mouth to stay protected from gum diseases and tooth decay other than washing away all the bad bacteria to keep overall health from harm’s way.

What types of Diseases Are Connected with Oral Health?

Lack of oral health care and proper hygiene might cause various diseases and conditions.

Cardiovascular disease- Some researches have pointed out that some certain types of bacteria found in the mouth is linked to inflammation and lead to heart problems like clogged arteries.

Endocarditis- Some Bacteria spread through the mouth and absorbed in the bloodstream. It causes severe heart problems by affecting certain areas of the heart.

Pneumonia- Your mouth can come into contact with certain kinds of bacteria that affect your lungs if pulled by lungs. In this condition, chances of respiratory issues and pneumonia heighten alarmingly.

Some Conditions that Affect Your Oral Health:

Diabetes puts your gums at risk by reducing the immunity power of your body. The chances of infection become higher in such conditions.

HIV/AIDS oral problems frequently. Most people experience gum problems if they are suffering from this disease.

Osteoporosis weakens bone. It is also related to tooth loss. People with periodontal bone loss problems often are exposed to the risk of jaw damage.

Oral Healthcare Routine You Must Follow

Brushing your teeth at least two times a day. Use a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste for proper care.

It is better not to forget to use floss daily.

Mouthwash usage helps you to remove stuck up food particles from your teeth. It prevents the chance of tooth decay.

Limit sugar intake and eating a healthy diet takes care of your gum and tooth. Refraining from sugar reduces teeth corrosion.

Replace old toothbrushes if bristles are worn.

Experts recommend regular dental checkups and oral care treatments according to your oral health condition.

Avoid tobacco and smoking for better oral health.