Indian Wedding Season- Are You Aware of the Negative Effects of it on Your Health?

Indian Wedding Season- Are You Aware of the Negative Effects of it on Your Health?

Wedding- the subject can never be old and less controversial even after a century. Big fat Indian weddings, wedding impacts on couples or wedding food effect on health, every factor has been discussed over a hundredth of time. Indian culture always prioritizes wedding preparations, but very few of us are aware of its impacts on our health.

Wedding Season Negative Impacts on Health 

Considering the importance of this rare yet required subject, we have worked with our naturopathy experts to clarify the negative impacts of wedding seasons on your health. It’s purely meant for giving you a clear picture of the whole scenario aiming that you can respond better in the future if a similar situation arises.

Weakens Immunity and Promotes Inflammation

Wedding season comes with rich food, alcohol or irregular lifestyle that holds a major impact on your health. Many studies have proven the fact that after a wedding, not only the couples but also their relatives feel some setbacks, especially physical. For some, it weakens the immunity system, while others suffer inflammatory problems.

Stress & Anxiety

We accept that organizing a wedding is no child’s play. We only suggest that don’t let it ruin your efforts to establish a balanced life. It is often seen that planning a wedding often causes anxiety due to increased mental stress. If not taken care of, the stress level can exacerbate the situation and lead you to quick depression.

Disturbed Sleeping Pattern

Sleeping late or waking up early in the morning might seem common in a wedding ceremony, but it could be detrimental for health. The pressure of making great arrangements often keeps you on your toes. It not only steals your peaceful moments of sleep but also disrupts the sleeping pattern in the worst possible way you could have imagined.


Whenever you attend a wedding, you could see people associated with arrangements making complaints about splitting headaches. Quite often it is taken as common exhaustion, but it might not be true. Continuous headache might be the result of increased level stress hormone cortisol.

Digestive Problems

When we talk about a wedding, the first thing that comes to our mind is the food. Spicy, rich and exotic dishes are created at this time. The food is an integrated part of a wedding. We often see that people tend to overindulge in food in the wedding season. Untimely eating of these rich and spicy foods gives your gut stress of digesting it and this, equally, becomes the root cause of the digestive disorder. It makes your gut upset and heightens the chance of indigestion & stomach upset.

Toxins Production

Enjoyment speaks volume in the wedding season. The very reason we indulge in alcohol and crave for a smoke break with friends. We often take it as an innocent act of joy, but it’s far more than that. When we consume alcohol or opt for smoking, we encourage the production of toxins in the body. This condition leads to some severe kidney and liver issues.

Fatigue Due to Exhaustion and Fasting

Over-working on a wedding and fasting for a long time takes a toll on health. Due to these small ignorances, people feel fatigued or exhausted. Moreover, the stress of the condition worsens the condition by adding anxiety to it.

Risk of Heart Diseases & Diabetes

We have already discussed how stress can make us feel exhausted, but that’s not the end of it. Excessive stress often increases the blood pressure level, that in turn aggravates the chances of heart diseases.

Stress hormones also raise blood sugar level. This exposes people to risks of diabetic problems. High blood sugar disrupts the normal lifestyle and causes inner health injury.